IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank FAQ

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What is IPv4Auctions.com?

IPv4Auctions.com is an online platform which allows registered users to buy and sell IPv4 address space. We provide a more efficient sales process for simple IPv4 transactions. IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank also aims to add transparency to the IPv4 market by providing information on past sales, giving both buyers and sellers real transaction data to establish pricing trends of IPv4 addresses.

How do I apply on IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank? Is there any cost to me?

Click here to create an account. Fill in the required fields, attach a valid reseller's certificate and click the submit button. We will notify you within one business day if your account is approved. There is no fee for applying or for being an approved buyer on IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank.

Can I apply if I am located outside of the United States?

Yes, international registrations are accepted.

Why hasn't my account been approved yet?

Please allow one full business day for your application to be approved. We review all registration to determine whether a registrant is a bona fide qualified bidder. Also all registrants must sign the mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement before registration is approved. A link to the mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement was sent to you after you submit your registration information. You can also esign the mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement at http://www.ipv4auctions.com/nda.

How do I apply for Pre-Approval?

Buyers looking to transfer addresses in to their ARIN or APNIC account are encouraged to apply for pre-approval. Companies looking to apply for pre-approval in ARIN should see the ARIN Pre-Approval Process. Companies looking to apply for pre-approval in APNIC should visit the APNIC Pre-Approval.

What happens if I cannot qualify with my RIR?

All bidders are encouraged to apply for pre-approval prior to bidding on IPv4Auctions.com to ensure that the transfer will be approved by their local RIR. For those bidders that wish to proceed without pre-approval, $500 of the purchase price will be identified as the “deposit” and may be lost if the winning bidder is unable to qualify to receive the addresses won within 45 days.

How often are there new auctions?

New auctions can be posted at any time during normal business hours. Buyers that are subscribed to the IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank newsletter will receive an email when auctions are opening and closing each day.

What is the “Buy Now” option?

Bidders may purchase IP address blocks marked as “Buy Now” at the listed fixed price without a competitive bidding auction.

I want to buy a size of IPv4 address block that is not currently listed on IPv4Auctions.com, can Hilco Streambank help me?

Yes! As an expert IPv4 brokerage Hilco Streambank provides custom solutions for larger or more complex IPv4 transactions. Visit us today to find out how we can help you meet your IPv4 needs or contact us by E-Mail or Phone – 212.610.5663.

How do I sell my IPv4 addresses on IPv4Auctions.com?

Contact us directly to discuss selling your address block(s) on IPv4Auctions.com. E-Mail – ABrown@hilcoglobal.com.

How do I know that the IP addresses are clean?

After you e-sign our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement your registration will be approved and you will be given access to specific IP address ranges available on IPv4Auctions.com. You may perform all diligence you deem necessary prior to bidding in any auction.

How long does it take to transfer IPv4 addresses?

The amount of time it takes to transfer IP addresses depends on how long it takes the winning bidder to qualify with its respective RIR. This can vary from 2-3 weeks to a month. In order to speed up the transfer process, please apply for pre-approval prior to bidding, or be prepared to provide your local RIR with the required justification information immediately after the closing of your auction.

Can I transfer IPv4 addresses registered in one RIR into another RIR?

IP addresses registered in ARIN can be transferred into APNIC and JPNIC, and IP addresses registered in JPNIC and APNIC can be transferred into ARIN. Currently Inter-RIR transfers are not available to or from the RIPE region.

How does the auction and transfer process work?

1. After successfully registering for IPv4Auctions.com, users will be given access to the specific IP address ranges available in the listed auctions.

2. Users may perform whatever diligence they require prior to bidding in the auction.

3. Users bid in an auction and at the conclusion the highest bidder will be declared the winner.

4. After winning an auction the winning bidder will make payment into an escrow account, where the funds will be held until the ip addresses have successfully transferred into the winning bidder’s RIR account.

5. After receipt of payment into escrow is confirmed, the seller will submit the RIR transfer request.

6. Both the seller and the buyer will work with the appropriate RIR(s) to receive approval for the transfer.

7. After RIR approval, the buyer will pay the RIR transfer fee. For transfers within the ARIN region, the fee is $300. For transfers within the APNIC region, the transfer fee is 20% of the annual membership fee for the size of block transferred. (You can calculate the annual membership fee for each size of block here: http://submit.apnic.net/cgi-bin/feecalc.pl). For Inter-RIR transfers, the buyer pays both the ARIN and APNIC fees.

8. After the RIR fees are paid, the RIR(s) will update their registry(s) to reflect that the addresses have been transferred into the buyer’s name.

9. After confirmation of the RIR registry updates, Hilco Streambank will release payment to the seller.

How do I bid?

Once you are an approved bidder on IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank, you can go to any auction page and enter the highest amount that you are willing to pay. Enter the amount in the white box to the right of "My Maximum Bid". Below, you will see the minimum allowable bid amount. Once the amount has been entered, click the "Bid Now" button. Please note the message near the top of the page, which indicates if your bid is high enough to become the current high bid. If not, you may wish to increase your bid. For each bid you enter, you will receive an email confirmation that your bid was successfully placed.

Why do auctions extend at the end?

If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the auction end time will extend for an additional 2 minutes. This is called "Popcorn Bidding" and gives all bidders an equal chance of winning an auction by extending the end time of the auction if a last minute bid is placed. Popcorn Bidding is used to simulate a live auction and prevents other bidders from "sniping" an auction at the last second.

How can I enter my maximum bid without it appearing to other bidders?

All bids placed on IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank act as "proxy" bids. You can bid the highest amount you are willing to bid and allow the system to manage the bidding for you. The Current Bid displayed on each auction is equivalent to the second highest bidder's bid, plus one bid increment. If the high bidder has placed a higher bid, it will not display. This allows bidders to know that if they place a proxy bid, they could still win the auction for any amount below or at their maximum bid.

Example: If you find an item that you are interested in that is currently at $1,000 and you place a proxy bid of $5,000 then your winning bid will be $1,050 if no other bids are placed.  Otherwise, your bid will be increased by the minimum increment up to $5,000.  The system will continue to automatically outbid other bidders by the minimum increment on your behalf, but will never exceed your proxy bid of $5,000. 


The bid increment is the minimum amount by which a new bid must exceed an existing high bid. It is predetermined based on the current high bid. Here is how increments are determined: Bids under $10,000 will be subject to a minimum bid increment of $50. Bids in excess of $10,000 but less than $20,000 will have minimum increments of $100. Bids in excess of $20,000 will have minimum increments of $250.


Why did I lose the auction if I bid the same amount as another bidder?

In order to win an auction, you need to bid a higher amount than the current high bidder. If both you and another buyer placed maximum bids of $1,000, but the other bidder placed their bid before yours, they will win the auction.

How do I know if I win?

At the close of the auction, the winning bidder is notified by email. This will also show up as an order on the "Orders" page under "My Dashboard".

How do I pay? How long do I have to pay?

A representative from Hilco Streambank will contact you after the auctions close to arrange payment.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept credit cards?

Wire payment is the only form of payment accepted, as it is both instant and secure. This is the standard practice in the sale of liquidation lots. We do not accept credit cards, personal checks or Western Union for payments.

How can I contact you?

The easiest way to reach us is by filling out the Contact Us form or, by sending us an email directly.

How can I update my personal information / change my password?

As an approved buyer, if you are logged into IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank and select "Account Information" from the "My Account" drop down. You can update all contact information or change the password on your account. You can also click the green "I forgot" text on the login page if you cannot remember your password.

How do I report a technical problem?

Send us an email to report your issue. Please be as specific as possible and be sure to include any information that would help us determine the cause of your problem, including: which web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), the web page you are on, steps to replicate the issue you are having, and other details and screenshots for our review.

I am approved and having trouble logging in. What can I do?

Sometimes your browser can cause login problems. Please try the following fixes:

  1. Clear your browser's cache, then close it and reopen it and try logging in again.
  2. Try logging in with a different browser. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE9 or higher.


When I try to log in, I see the message "Invalid login or password." Why?

If you receive this notification, then you either have not yet applied on IPv4Auctions.com by Hilco Streambank, or you are entering an incorrect password. You can reset your password by clicking the "I forgot" link below your password entry and entering your email address. If you have not applied, then you can click the Create An Account button to begin your application.

When I try to log in, I see the message "Your application is still pending." What do I do?

If you receive this notification, then we have either not yet reviewed your application or you have not submitted us the proper reseller's certificate. If it has been more than 1 business day since you applied, then we are still waiting on the proper documentation from you. You can send us your reseller's certificate or fax it to (650) 241-3328.